– Nils P.  

“As out-of-town buyers, when my wife and I were looking to buy in Los Angeles we knew we would have to rely heavily on our broker not just for their expertise, taste, and understanding of the handful of areas we were interested in, but also in their efficiency, responsiveness and ability to negotiate on our behalf in our absence.

Jackie met all those criteria in spades. Using our budget, our tastes and her understanding of each of the LA canyons as well as West Hollywood, Hancock Park and the east side, she was able to cull all the available properties down to a short list and then rank them based on our preferences. She saved us WEEKS of travel and stress and anxiety with that alone.

When we found a house we really liked, that’s when Jackie really stepped up. It was a messy short-sale in a very, very desirable neighborhood. She got us into the house before anyone else. She got our offer into the seller’s agent before any of the all-cash offers from developers. As the short-sale negotiations got stickier and more complicated, she monitored and managed them at every step to make sure we got the best deal possible and didn’t pay more than we had to. And now, more than two months since the close, she is still helping us manage repairs and renovations with contractors while we’re out of town.

I don’t know what we did in a past life to deserve this kind of service as buyers, but whatever it was it must have been pretty good. I couldn’t recommend Jackie enough. And she loves dogs too, so you know she’s a good person to boot.”